Encotech Branding Statement

The Branding Statement was the first document presented to the Encotech Employees during the internal launch of the new brand in July of 2013. The message is geared toward creating employee buy in for the company’s new direction and look.

Copywriting sample:

Tagline — A tagline is a memorable slogan or phrase used to represent a firm.

As MEP, Structural, Civil, and Transportation Engineers, our work shapes the world. From buildings to tunnels, the work we do has an impact on people’s lives. To demonstrate the importance of our work, we have adopted a tagline that speaks to the importance of what we do.

“We shape the world you live in” represents how we want clients and competitors to view the company and our services in the marketplace. We are positioning ourselves as innovators and initiators

Our efforts shape the end users’ world by providing safety and functionality to systems and facilities used daily. We also shape the world by giving back. All of our volunteer work and charitable donations shape the lives of those we help and in turn shapes our community and world.

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