ARIES FAQ eBook Design

The ARIES Frequently Asked Questions Document was originally a 10 page PDF of questions that the Sales Team might have after the 2015 launch of the ARIES System.

As the Graphic Designer at Luminex Corporation, I received a long list of “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) that was intended to be a quick reference sales tool. There were over 50 questions on this 6-page, 10 pt font flyer and they did not appear to be in any particular order. After reviewing the content, I concluded that it would not be an effective sales tool because the questions were just compiled and sent to Creative Services for a quick turnaround. I communicated my doubts about the effectiveness of the information architecture to my superiors and the Product Manager. My solution was to restructure the content into categories and deliver it as an eBook for quick reference from the company-issued iPads.

Until this project, Luminex’s ebooks were flat PDFs with a linked table of contents. This format can be useful for initial navigation but it did not improve the user’s experience passed that first interaction. My design incorporated a home icon that would send the user back to the table of contents, as well as on-page navigation for each category. The added interactivity allowed the document to serve its intended purpose and efficiently be a quick reference tool. The FAQ ebook is an illustration of one of many times I have identified opportunities for improvement and facilitated the implementation of a more effective solution.

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