The Monkey, the Monster, & the Dark Playground: Procrastination

In my quest to identify my shortcomings and improve my effectiveness, both in my career and my personal life, I came across this TED Talk by Tim Urban. The writer behind the “Wait, But Why?” blog presented a comical, yet very accurate depiction of what a procrastinator goes through. As someone who fights to overcome procrastination every day, his identification of the negative feelings that consume people who are otherwise in good mental health, resonated with me. I shared this video with all of my friends, and now I am sharing it with you.

Entrepreneurship, or life in general, can get lonely when you spend time beating yourself up about the little things. I hope you get these three things from this video:

  1. You are not alone. If you feel that you are, you may not be utilizing your support system. There is always a listener somewhere. Find them.
  2. Let’s start self-imposing deadlines, so that you can get the things you want out of your life and career, without the guilt and regrets.
  3. Every day is a new opportunity to work toward change. You are human and mishaps are inevitable. So, when you miss a deadline or drop a proverbial ball of any kind, pick it up and keep running!

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About the Author


Nakevia Miller is a Graphic & Web Designer based in Austin, Texas. She is the owner of Nakevia Designs and the main writer for the Elevate Your Presence Now Blog. On her journey toward full-time entrepreneurship, she decided to document her successes, failures, and bad-ass designs in hopes to inspire others and cultivate business relationships.