Your logo is the visual embodiment of your company’s brand promise.

The brand forges a connection between a company and its customers. Your logo is not your brand, but it is the most tangible or visible part. The logo, linked to a solid brand, will make you recognizable in the market place.

Strong visual identities are only one of the key components of an impactful and sustainable brand. My brand questionnaire will help you develop your brand vision, from there you can work through the other components of your brand, as I work on the visuals.

My goal is to help you create a bold and sustainable brand that will:

  • Actively shape your customers’ perception
  • Remain relevant through the years

Benefits of an effective brand:

  • Sets you apart from your competition
  • Establishes credibility
  • Cultivates a community of followers for your products and services

Branding & Logo Projects

I empower my clients for success! #BRANDINGWIN

Visit my Client Resources blog posts for information on my project process and how to to make your project successful!

ebook for logo projects design process brand vision development visual research for look and feel
Download the Logo Project Success Guide for in-depth instructions on how to prepare for a logo project.

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Learn my Design Process in this step-by-step post with a flow chart and other visuals.

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Communicate your brand vision with these guide for providing visual samples and questionnaire preview.

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  • logo design circle arrow graphic mockup purple
    Simple Logo
    Font Options
    Stock Illustration
    Simple Embellishment/Frame
    +$100 Business Card Design
  • Custom Logo
    Font Options
    Letterform Customization
    Custom Illustration
    +$100 Business Card Design
  • Austin Texas makeup artist branding beauty flower gold pink coral
    Branding Package
    Brand Elements (Patterns, textures, etc.)
    Business Card Design ($100 value)
    Branded Social Media Headers
    Branding Guide

Terms & Conditions

All projects are subject to the Nakevia Designs Service Agreement provided with the proposal/contract.
All clients must complete the logo project questionnaire and submit visual examples of design preferences.
If the questionnaire is not completed or does not provide adequate information, Nakevia Designs reserves the right to pass on the project or charge a $100 admin fee.
A 30% deposit is required for all logo projects. The balance must be paid before the logo design is released for use.
These prices are a baseline for negotiation. Nakevia Designs reserves the right to use “project-specific” pricing for complex designs.
The Basic and Custom Business Card Design add-on can be used with both the Simple and Custom Logo packages.

Start working toward your #brandingwin with Nakevia Designs today!

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After you complete the form, you will receive an email with a link to my Brand Vision Worksheet. To preview the questions, please visit the "Questionnaire" section of the Communitcating Your Brand Vision post. By answering these questions, you will have effectively communicated your brand vision and primed the design process to run smoothly. To avoid admin fees, 75% completion is required.

Thank you for considering Nakevia Designs for your project needs.

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