My name is Nakevia and I would like to share a little about myself. I am a problem solver. I have yet to meet a software program that I cannot conquer. Anything I do not know is just something I have not had the pleasure of figuring out. My latest conquest is video editing and motion graphics. I know the basics, but I want to learn more. I love the blissful synergy of a well-prepared InDesign document (paragraph and character styles make me happy). Illustrator is a vector wonderland! I am fond of logos and branding. I love the challenge of trying to communicate the essence of a company through a single image or set of images. A brand is a gift that keeps on giving, because it cannot live by templates alone. They require refreshing and new applications to remain visible especially in the weary eyes of today’s consumer. Photoshop has infinite possibilities. I am in awe of its versatility. I have used it for photo manipulation, painting, animation, and even to manipulate a painting! We’ll stop at keyboard shortcuts. My routine keystrokes are cmd+c, cmd+v, cmd+a, t, p, m, cmd+g, cmd+p, and so on. I once had a supervisor that called me magic because I make navigating the Creative Suite look like a sleight of hand.

As a Communication Design Graduate, I look back at the all-nighters, printing fiascos, mounting debacles, and piles of tracing paper and I ask myself: “You love physics and algebra, why not study to be a well-paid engineer?” I chose graphic design because it guarantees that I will not be executing the same procedures to produce the same quarterly report for the rest of my life. General academia has always been easy, or at least, less challenging than it seemed to be for my peers. I live by this creed: “Nothing is ever too hard, if you do the work.” My work ethic, in conjunction with my disgustingly analytical personality, has helped me accomplish almost every goal have I set for myself. The creative field is attractive because I can utilize my intelligence and creativity. The fast-paced environment is a negative that is stressed to students, but I work well under pressure—it takes a lot more than that to intimidate me. I am a communicator (articulate, thorough and charismatic), but only serious if I absolutely have to be. Any client presentation or speaking engagement that I am involved in will fulfill its purpose without the dry, “Here are four executitons, pick one” delivery. I choose graphic design because I am up for the challenge.

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